Essentials of Travel Hacking Masterclass

The Ward

for Healthcare Workers 

Have you been trying to figure out how to save money on travel unsuccessfully? 

Dr. Flamingo’s Masterclass will help you figure out how to analyze your current credit card situation, set your future travel goals, and walk you through a points and miles travel booking on 2 of the best credit card travel partners to start saving you money now! 

Clueless about what travel hacking is and where to start? 


Whether it's on gas, groceries, childcare expenses, etc.… Life is expensive, and money makes the world go ‘round.

Before travel hacking, I had no idea how inefficiently I used my points and miles! For all the years I have been traveling on my own as an adult, I felt cheated out of all the money I spent to take those trips. I’ve spent thousands on hotels, airfare, and transportation, and I know you have too!

Our money should work for us, and as much as we spend, we deserve to reap some rewards. 

You spend money almost daily.

Points and miles travel can help you reach your travel dreams: 

The possibilities are endless, taking you (The Awesome Healthcare Worker) anywhere you decide you want to travel.

Travel hacking has been a well-kept secret,

 but not for long!  

Travel hacking is when you apply and are approved for credit cards, meet a minimum spend requirement (MSR), and use the sign-up bonuses (SUB) paid in points/miles to purchase plane tickets, hotel stays, and other travel-related expenses while paying minimal out of pocket. 

Applying for as little as one travel credit card can meet even your simplest travel dream, and knowing where to start can get you there. 


Attending your national healthcare specialty conference with your awesome colleagues with little money out of your own pocket  

Flying business class to Europe and other continents 

Staying in hotels for $0 out of pocket 

Taking your family to all-inclusive resorts in Mexico or the Caribbean 

Essentials of Travel Hacking Masterclass

for Healthcare Workers 

Kick-start your travel hacking game  

The Ward

This Masterclass Includes:

Masterclass course hub with videos including the basics of travel credit card applications and their benefits

A spreadsheet you will use to determine your 5/24 status and manage your loyalty accounts

Walk you through 2 award bookings for my favorite travel partners using points and miles 

Give you the confidence to start learning how to travel hack ON YOUR OWN with no extra money out of pocket 

How it Works:

You will receive access to the Masterclass course hub complete with videos where you see Dr. Flamingo in action, teaching you the essentials of travel hacking

Step 2

Purchase the Masterclass for $19.95  - less than the price of 3 large drinks at your favorite coffee shop!

Step 1

After completing the masterclass, you will be ready to apply for your first travel card and complete a basic award search!

Step 3

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Travel Hacking?

Using credit card points and miles efficiently to book free/discounted travel.

I don’t like using credit cards. Can I apply for one card and still find the ability to travel hack?

Yes, you absolutely can. You may not be able to book lavish trips or fly to exotic places, but one card can help you reach a single travel goal.

I only get to take a vacation once a year.
Do I even need to learn how to travel hack? 

Personally, it would be best if you still learned how to travel hack. There are times when you may want to book a staycation or have a 3-day weekend off of work. Points and miles can be used any time and even in your own city for a quick getaway. 

Will I accumulate debt if I use credit cards to travel hack?

Absolutely not! The whole point of this strategy is to save you money. If you rack up debt, that defeats the rules of the game. Your credit card should be paid off monthly to avoid interest from accruing.

How much does the Masterclass cost?

The one-time price for the masterclass is only $19.95 


Let’s keep your mindset right and focus on taking care of YOU so you can keep being the AMAZING healthcare provider that you are. 

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Kick-start your travel hacking game  


Essentials of Travel Hacking Masterclass

The Ward

for Healthcare Workers