Busting Credit Card Myths that are holding you back from booking (practically) free travel 

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Listen, if you were kept in the dark like me, you have no clue what Travel Hacking is and how it can help you reach your travel dreams spending little to no money out of pocket.  

Travel hacking is the art of maximizing your credit card points and miles to travel anywhere. 

I have been approved for 5 credit cards in less than 8 months! And you know what…my credit score didn’t drop one bit! 

My Code Green Freebie Guide is where I bust your misconceptions about credit cards, let you in on which travel credit card is my absolute favorite, and how you can get the inside scoop on the points and miles game. 


Myths We're Bustin' WIDE Open

If I apply for too many credit cards, my credit score will drop! 

Myth 1


Booking through the credit card travel portal is the best way to save money! 

Myth 2


Cashback is the best way to use my credit card points! 

Myth 3


The 100,000-point credit card sign-up bonus the airline/hotel offered me is the best way to meet my travel goals! 

Myth 4


Traveling out of the country/First class/staying in luxury hotels is too expensive!

Myth 5


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